1. Come home by my parents and I getting pizza… gotta love my mommy. (at Radi Kitchen)

  3. Healthy lunch…. spicy pumpkin, ginger and ochro soup with vegetable salad…. #delicious #foodporn (at Fidellis Heights)

  4. #Breakfast. .. #homemade #pizza… (at Fidellis Heights)

  5. Buttercup! (at RBC Royal Bank)

  6. at RBC Royal Bank

  7. at Fidellis Heights

  9. Beauty! (at RBC Royal Bank)

  10. After a long day, and some bad news i needed a mixed berry daiquri…. :(

  11. Hold on. Keep walking. You’re almosy there. Don’t give up. #life

  12. Can’t wait till it’s finish to take some shots! (at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception)

  13. This beauty may have thought death to be its final embrace but a wandering stranger stumbled upon him and gave him immortality. (at Goodwood Park)

  14. #Vainity (at St. Clair Avenue)

  15. #History (at St. James)